Korbo Umbrella Stand

Korbo Umbrella Stand

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Keep your brolly stowed away in style with this Korbo Umbrella Stand. Each basket is skilfully handwoven using a single wire, making it completely weld-free with no loose wires for fabric to snag on.

The wire baskets have a history that dates back to 1920s Sweden where they were used by fishermen and farmers as sturdy storage to withstand the elements. The durable nature remains a constant today and is evident in this hard-wearing umbrella stand.

Size: 23cmdiax54cmh

Composition: Galvanized Steel

Care: Galvanization is a process used to prevent corrosion of the steel by adding a physical barrier of zinc to the surface. Galvanized steel has effectively been used for more than 150 years and the wire will obtain a beautiful matte patina over time.